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Test Blog

Just testing. Hope you're all having a great summer!

Merry Christmas!!

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Happy New Year!!!!

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas 2009!!!

Name Change

I have been so busy I forgot to tell you about our business name change. Because we have had our 4th son(big surprise!) we had to change the name 3 Knights Alpacas. We had the hardest time thinking of something because we wanted it to be meaningful. After throwing out a number of options and having a few others already in use we finally saw what was right there under our noses the whole time - our ah moment! Ahland Alpacas. The ah of course represents all 4 of our boys - Elijah, Isaiah, Josiah,

Lord Montague

I just wanted to share the new pictures of our Lord Montegue. He is a joy to our small little farm!

Alpaca Birth

Last Friday around 9:30 in the morning I went out to check on our pregnant alpaca. I found her in the barn, standing by the water bucket, humming and humming. I went out again around 10:30 and she was still humming but now she was standing up and sitting down over and over and walking in circles. I had never seen an alpaca birth before but I was positive that she was starting labor! I ran to the house to grab my camera and I was thrilled to witness the whole thing!


We decided on naming our new little guy Lucian and the good news is he does not need a plasma transfusion. His numbers where very good, actually! I managed to get new batteries and take a few more pictures.

Cria #2

This morning we had our second cria! A boy this time and he came a week and a half early. We were expecting an early arrival as his mom, Olympia has done this 8 times before and has gone early every time. We did have a brief scare with this one as well, though.

We went out and thought Olympia was in labor only to see her deliver a perfectly intact placenta. Babies always come before the placenta so we went into panic mode and searched the field for a cria. When we couldn't find any s

Princess Dandelion

I just wanted to share how big Dandelion has gotten. She nurses off her mom now and even grazes on grass occasionally. That first week was a ton of work and I was not looking forward to having to give her bottles every 4 hours for 8 weeks. Now that she takes from her mom we won't have to. She enjoys watching the boys ride their bikes and often gets so excited she can't help but take a little jaunt through the field herself! Our other female is due on September 7th, so in about a month I will be

Our First Cria

Yesterday morning at 6:00 Adam did his usual check on our past due, pregnant, alpaca. She looked fine so he came back to bed and checked again at 9:00 only to come straight back to the house to announce that we had a baby out there! Not exactly how we had pictured the whole thing happening.

I got my boots on and went outside to see the little thing for myself. After a couple checks we decided that it was indeed a little girl - just what we were hoping for! She was still wet and shiver

The Alpaca Whisperer

Our little Jojo has become quite the Alpaca Whisperer! He loves to go help his dad and be with these animals. What a cutie!

Alpacas and Boys

As promised I am posting some pictures of the boys with the alpacas. Everyday we go out and "walk" Power Point. What we are really doing is getting him used to the halter and lead so he doesn't freak out at a show. This is Elijah's favorite part of the day and he is getting more comfortable too!

Power Point used to get away from him more often than not, now Lij is getting the hang of it!

Peanut still needs a little help, but does get brave enough to try it on his own every

The Alpacas are Here!!

This past Friday we took a trip up to the Butler farm where our alpacas were being boarded and we brought them to their new home!

Adam built the shed but he still needs to get the electric all hooked up so we can have lights and outlets. The alpaca's need fans running in all this summer heat, so for now we are running an extension cord from the house.

We also decided to get another bred female to add to our tiny little herd. She is 10 years old and has been a great producer